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GoAbroad is your convenient starting point for applying and completing or editing your University of Miami Study Abroad applications and forms. Please use the buttons and links below to initiate or continue any study abroad or exchange application.
When you have finished using the GoAbroad system, please always remember to logout from your My StudyAbroad page and close the browser. To prevent other users from accessing your account, you MUST close all browser windows and exit the browser.

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UM Study Abroad Applications

UM offers a variety of programs to fit students' different interests and requirements. Please find the Study Abroad program for which you would like to apply and initiate an application through the program's online brochure page. Once you have initiated the application, you will be directed to your My StudyAbroad page where you can get updates and complete other requirements of your application. The requirements of the programs vary based on the length and type of program. Please refer to your My StudyAbroad Page for the application requirements.

In some instances the host program requires application materials in addition to the electronic application and supporting materials. You will be apprised of these requirements as you move forward in the application process.

Please be advised that if you are applying for certain programs, you may be required to sign the overseas university’s form requesting your consent to disclose certain personal information.

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Non-UM Study Abroad

Complete the Studying through a Non-UM Program Form. In addition, you must complete the application forms for the program to which you are applying.


Incoming Exchange Application

Exchange students from our partner universities may study abroad at the University of Miami for one or two semesters.  The University of Miami’s Study Abroad Office administers exchange programs with over 80 partner universities worldwide. To see if your university is a partner, please refer to our List of Exchange Partners.

Nominated applicants will have an application created in the system and will receive login instructions via email. More information is available at Exchange Students » How to Apply

Manage an Existing Incoming Application with My StudyAbroad

Please note that in order to be eligible to come to UM as an exchange student, you MUST BE A FULL-TIME STUDENT at one of UM’s international partner universities and be nominated by the International Office of that university.

Before applying, you should make sure the courses you need for your degree are available at the University of Miami. You can view available courses online by clicking here. Click on the tab ‘Course Offerings’ and then select term and department. Our first semester or Fall term runs from August to December, and the second term or Spring semester runs from January to May. The courses are listed as a three letter code for the department and the course number (i.e. HIS 101) with a section letter. The section determines the exact day and time that the course meets, so you cannot be enrolled in two classes with the same section.

You cannot enroll in 600-level classes, and can only enroll in 500-level classes with special permission from the instructor and department. In general, you can select 100-level through 400-level classes, for which you meet the pre-requisites. If you wish to take courses in Biochemistry or Biomedical Engineering, you need to contact your UM advisor for approval at least two months prior to your arrival at UM. Once the advisor at UM has received your application for exchange, we will be happy to answer your questions concerning course selection and registration. You can be pre-registered for courses at UM by submitting the course request form, which will be given to you after you have been admitted.