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  • Locations: Rome, Italy
  • Program Terms: Summer
  • Budget Sheets: Summer
  • This program is not currently accepting applications.Applications open on January 5th for Summer and Fall term programs, May 15th for Spring term programs, and November 1st for intersession, spring break and summer faculty-led programs.

The Roman Forum

Course Information and Eligibility

Application Deadline: February 1
Professor of Record: Dr. John Twichell, International Studies 
Course: INS 519 (U) or INS 619 (G)
Credits: 1-3 Credits
Program Dates: May 26 - June 26, 2020
Pre-requisites/Requirements: Open to students of all majors
Syllabus: Internship in Rome Course Syllabus.pdf

Course Description: This course is designed to maximize the effectiveness and utility of a condensed summer, out-of-classroom internship as an integral element of academic programs at the University of Miami. Course components are designed to inspire the student to realize the academic benefits of an internship and other forms of experiential learning while that same practical work experience is taking place in the Italian and world capital of Rome.

Learning Outcomes: 
  1. Apply the theoretical principles of International Studies (or student's respective academic major) to identify a specific career interest
  2. Gain experience in the practice of International Studies (or student's respective academic major) by serving as an intern in that area of career interest
  3. Be inspired to draw upon academic theory, research methodology and methods to solve real world problems
  4. Develop and translate analytic, communication, leadership, and problem-solving skills into civic responsibility
  5. Foster mutually beneficial collaborations between the student and community to promote positive social change
  6. Gain enhanced knowledge of issues of global societal significance and associated alternative cultural and national perspectives toward those issues

 Program Information

Course components are designed to inspire the student to realize the academic benefits of an internship while that same practical work experience is taking place. The cooperative design fosters an environment where the student is able to experience what it is like to work on relevant real world projects. Equally important, the student receives guidance, performance evaluations, and feedback from both the internship supervisor and the course instructor. Identified based on the student's career interest, the internship host organization is a setting conducive to applied work in international relations broadly defined. Host organizations in Rome, Italy include those based in the following fields:
  • Archaeology & Anthropology
  • Archival Research & Document Preservation
  • Art & Art History
  • Commerce, Marketing & Trade
  • Communications, Journalism, & Social Media
  • Disaster Relief & Response
  • Environmental & Sustainable Development
  • Global Public Health
  • Human Cultures & History
  • Human Security Issues (including climate change)
  • International Law & Human Rights
  • International Political Economy
  • International Security & World Politics
  • International Security
  • Kinesiology & Sport Sciences
  • Migration & Refugee Resettlement
  • Social Justice & Equality
Pre-departure in Miami:
Students who apply to this program will consult with Dr. Twichell pre-departure to identify an internship host organization in Rome for their internship, which will also involve a virtual interview with the internship site supervisor in Rome subject to pre-departure approval of basic terms and on-boarding.

In Rome:
Students will be housed in furnished apartments facilitated by the American University of Rome. The first days in Rome will be spent participating in an orientation through the American University of Rome. Students will then begin their internship, and can expect to spend 10-12 hours per week at the host organization. Each week, students will participate in an 2.5-hour, online class session with Dr. Twichell for the duration of the program (a total of three sessions). Students are additionally expected to complete a civic engagement activity in Rome as part of the course.

The course grade will come from the following: Internship Work Plan/Agreement; Internship Student Performance Evaluation; Civic Engagement Activity; Oral Presentation; Paper; Participation

About Dr. John Twichell

Dr. Twichell w flag wall
John Twichell is a Ph.D. and Lecturer in the College of Arts & Sciences, where he instructs undergraduate courses in the Programs of International Studies and Latin American Studies. His research interests are focused broadly on development in the nations of Latin America and the Middle East, and the influence national development patterns have on regional and international relations. His course offerings are in the areas of international relations, Latin American and Caribbean politics and society, and research methods. Dr. Twichell also instructs an undergraduate capstone course in internships and civic engagement, a summer section of which is to be offered in Rome, Italy in Summer 2021 in cooperation with the American University of Rome. 

For more information about this program and potential internship sites, please contact Dr. Twichell at 

All University of Miami courses abroad must meet a minimum enrollment to remain viable. This minimum enrollment varies and is based on the nature of the program abroad. Be aware that any course abroad may be cancelled due to insufficient enrollment for that course. In the event of a cancellation due to low enrollment, program deposits will be returned to students. 

The Study Abroad Office and our faculty directors make every attempt to create a meaningful and affordable study abroad experience for all students. When you commit to participation in a program by submitting your completed application and $500 non-refundable deposit, the Study Abroad Office begins to make financial commitments on your behalf. Therefore, withdrawal from a faculty-directed study abroad program may result in fees related to the timeframe of your withdrawal.  Please contact your study abroad advisor with any questions.

Due to the continued impact of COVID-19, applicants should be aware that changes to academic calendars may occur with little or no notice. Students are encouraged to either wait to book travel or book travel that allows for changes with no financial penalty. 
Applicants should also be aware that processing of visas may be impacted or halted by specific countries. Failure to secure the necessary visa may result in inability to participate in this program.  Participants on this program may be required to self-quarantine prior to the start of their program for a specified period of time. Students are responsible for arranging (logistics and financial) their travel appropriately to ensure self-quarantine is completed prior to the start of the program. 

This program is not currently accepting applications.Applications open on January 5th for Summer and Fall term programs, May 15th for Spring term programs, and November 1st for intersession, spring break and summer faculty-led programs.