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Programs : Brochure

This page is the brochure for your selected program. You can view the provided information for this program on this page and click on the available buttons for additional options.
  • Locations: Sevilla, Spain
  • Program Terms: Fall Semester, Spring Semester, Year (Aug. to May)
  • Budget Sheets: Current
  • This program is not currently accepting applications.Applications open on January 5th for Summer and Fall term programs, May 15th for Spring term programs, and November 1st for intersession, spring break and summer faculty-led programs.

The Seville program is a unique opportunity for UM students to participate in an exchange program while having more on-the-ground support from our provider, the Spanish Institute for Global Education (SIGE), much more similar to some of our signature UPrograms!
During your time in Seville, you have the opportunity to select one of three universities to take classes at.
The city itself is the capital of Andalucia, and the old town contains three UNESCO World Heritage Sites: the Alcázar palace complex, the Cathedral and the General Archive of the Indies.
Through our partnership with SIGE, the program includes transportation from the airport, an assigned host family with three meals per day, and an extensive on-site orientation and optional language seminar. It includes weekend excursions and study trips to various cities and cultural sites.
This program does require SPA 201 or native Spanish speaker fluency.

Due to the continued impact of COVID-19, applicants should be aware that changes to academic calendars may occur with little or no notice. Students are encouraged to either wait to book travel or book travel that allows for changes with no financial penalty. 
Applicants should also be aware that processing of visas may be impacted or halted by specific countries. Failure to secure the necessary visa may result in inability to participate in this program. 
Participants on this program may be required to self-quarantine prior to the start of their program for a specified period of time. Students are responsible for arranging (logistics and financial) their travel appropriately to ensure self-quarantine is completed prior to the start of the program.
Students can choose one of the follow options from which to take their classes:
Universidad de Sevilla (US)
Founded in 1505, it has a present student body of over 65,000 and is a top ranked university in Spain. The main building is known as the “Old Tobacco Factory”, named for its original use. This building houses the faculty in which you would take classes. US is located in the heart of Seville’s city center.
Universidad Pablo de Olavide (UPO)
UPO is a public university that as founded in 1997, making it one of the newest public universities in Spain. Due to being a relatively young university, UPO was planned as a North American-style campus with dedicated academic and residential space. It has numerous sports facilities, lawns, a gym and a huge library.  UP is located about 6.5 km from the city center, and can be reached via public transport in about 30 minutes.
EUSA Centro Universitario
EUSA is a private university center that is affiliated with the Universidad de Sevilla. It is located within the city center, very close to US.

Academic Areas:

Universidad de Sevilla offers a program for exchange students through it’s Department of Philology and Department of Geography and History. Classes are for non-native Spanish speakers and are set up in accord with the needs of people still learning Spanish. The courses range in level from beginning to advanced. The range of courses offered in English can be limited so one year of college level Spanish or its equivalent is required.
You can view the course offerings here.
Universidad Pablo de Olavide offers classes for non-native Spanish speakers and they are also set up in accord with the needs of people still learning Spanish. The courses range in levels from beginning to advanced, but students with higher level of proficiency do better here. A placement exam at the beginning of the program will determine the level of each student.
Course descriptions are available here.
EUSA Centro Universitario offers courses in audiovisual communication, journalism, advertising, public relations, tourism, etc. Courses are primarily offered in Spanish, so this option requires high levels of fluency to be successful. Students can take a combination of courses taught in Spanish and English.
Course offerings can be viewed here.

Optional: Language Seminar at SIGE
Any student wishing to take SPA 202 or 280 has the option to take the course through SIGE rather than at US/UPO/EUSA. Taking the course through SIGE will equal a smaller group of classmates along with more personalized attention.
Optional: Internship Opportunities
SIGE has connections throughout the city with businesses and NGO’s who can provide internship opportunities to students who are interested in dedicating the time and effort required. Interested students can request an internship placement after obtaining acceptance into the program. This would be a non-credit bearing internship, unless the student makes arrangement with their respective school/college prior to departure.
Current internship opportunities exist in the areas of healthcare, education, marketing, journalism, and for students with advanced Spanish skills, creative writing. Additional opportunities may be available and interested students should email the program contact at SIGE upon acceptance for more information.
Committing to an internship should not be taken lightly and is not recommended for most students. Interested students should ensure their resume is up to date and are encouraged to visit the Toppel Career Center for assistance.

Grading Scale:
US/UPO/EUSA Mark   UM Grade
10 Matricula de Honor A+
10 Sobresaliente A
9 - 9.9 Sobresaliente A
8 - 8.9 Notable B+
7 - 7.9 Notable B
6 - 6.9 Aprobado C+
5 - 5.9 Aprobado C
Below 5   F

Seville Credit Equivalency:

1 ECTS Credit = .5 UM Credits

Program Dates: 

Students participating in the Seville program are expected to arrange their own travel, however they will all have a set arrival date on which their homestay begins. End of semester dates may vary by a few days depending on institution.
Universidad de Sevilla
Fall: Late August/ early September – December
Spring: January – May
Universidad Pablo de Olavide
Fall: Late August/early September – December
Spring: January – May
EUSA Centro Universitario
Fall: Late August/early September – December
Spring: January – late May/early June


Students on this program will pay a Program Fee of $4500. This fee will include housing (including meals), excursions, orientation and an optional language class/optional internship.
Students will be placed with a host family and will receive three meals per day. Typically there is only one student per host family.
Early arrival and late departure are not permitted. Should a student need this, they will need to arrange their own accommodations.
Check out this YouTube video where past participants, including UM students describe their experience. 

Required Health Coverage:

Health insurance coverage is necessary for all students in Spain but more so for international students, who apply for a student visa, as you will be asked to provide this during the visa application process.
As part of your program fee, this required health coverage will be purchased for you by SIGE and a letter showing you have the required coverage will be provided along with your official acceptance letter by the host institution.
Passport Requirements:

In order to go abroad, you must have a valid passport that will not expire during your time abroad or within 6 months upon your return.
Visa Requirements:
It is up to you to consult the Embassy of Spain in your country of origin to determine your visa requirements. 
An official letter of acceptance from your host institution is required to apply for your student visa. You must wait until within 90 days of your start date to apply.
Next Steps:

Serious applicants should plan to submit a complete, well thought out, and comprehensive application. In the required essay, please focus on sharing your academic, personal and professional goals and how admission to the Seville program will help you achieve them.
Students who submit a complete application by the deadline will be granted an interview. Qualified candidates will be nominated to SIGE,?however SIGE and the host institution will make the final admission decision. Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.
In most semesters, there should be no limit to how many students we can send to Seville. We still encourage you to think critically about a second option program.?? 

Helpful Facts: 
Currency The currency in Spain is the euro, the same as in other European Union countries.
The euro is divided into 100 cents.
• There are eight different coins: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 cents, and 1 and 2 euros.
• There are seven different bank notes, for the following amounts: 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 and 500 euros.
Language Spanish is spoken all over the Spanish territory. However other languages are also spoken in certain areas of Spain. These are: Catalan, in Catalonia; Galician, in Galicia; Euskera/Basque, in the Basque Country; Valencian, in the Region of Valencia; and a particular variety of Catalan, spoken in the Balearic Islands.
Airport Seville Airport
The 6th busiest inland airport in Spain, it is the main international airport serving Western Andalucia  and neighboring provinces. It is located 10 km east of central Seville  
Weather Seville has a Mediterranean climate featuring very hot, dry summers and mild, partially wet winters. The annual average temperature is 25.4°C (67°F) during the day and 13°C (55°F) at night. Summer is the dominant season and lasts from May to October. Seville is the warmest city in continental Europe.
Past Program Excursion
  • La Catedral and the Archivo General de Indias
  • Alcazar
  • Itálica y Tour por Sevilla
  • Aracena y Alajar (Huelva)
  • Córdoba
  • Granada
  • Ronda (Málaga)
  • Jerez-Cádiz
  • Carmona
  • Flamenco Show

This program is not currently accepting applications.Applications open on January 5th for Summer and Fall term programs, May 15th for Spring term programs, and November 1st for intersession, spring break and summer faculty-led programs.