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This page is the brochure for your selected program. You can view the provided information for this program on this page and click on the available buttons for additional options.
  • Locations: Santiago, Chile
  • Program Terms: Fall Semester, Spring Semester, Year (Aug. to May), Year (Jan. to Dec.)
  • Host Institution Website:
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    to find in-depth info. (housing, classes, etc.) from the program provider.
  • Budget Sheets: Current
  • This program is not currently accepting applications.Applications open on January 5th for Summer and Fall term programs, May 15th for Spring term programs, and November 1st for intersession, spring break and summer faculty-led programs.


Founded in 1888, Universidad Católica de Chile has long been one of Latin America’s most respected institutions of higher learning. Considered the top #1 university in Chile for three consecutive years, UC Chile is also among the top #135, in the world. A strong emphasis on research as well as teaching is evident in its major research institutes, with focus on political science, language, literature, and history.  In light of its strong and enduring tradition of academic excellence, the university enjoys particularly high prestige among Chilean students and academia.  It functions on a semester system. UC has five campuses, four in Santiago and one in Villarrica. Among them, you will find the 18 faculties, 61 academic departments and 11 libraries that are the center of university life. Approximately 25,000 students attend the university.

Due to the continued impact of COVID-19, applicants should be aware that changes to academic calendars may occur with little or no notice. Students are encouraged to either wait to book travel or book travel that allows for changes with no financial penalty. 
Applicants should also be aware that processing of visas may be impacted or halted by specific countries. Failure to secure the necessary visa may result in inability to participate in this program. Participants on this program may be required to self-quarantine prior to the start of their program for a specified period of time. Students are responsible for arranging (logistics and financial) their travel appropriately to ensure self-quarantine is completed prior to the start of the program.


Course Offering

Students must have completed at least two semesters at the University of Miami prior to enrolling at PUC-Chile. 

Students are invited to review the ample course offerings open to international students in this guide, regularly updated two months before the start of each semester. For more information
chile 1 about courses available at UC-Chile, check out the online course registration platform, Buscador UC. There is no guarantee that selected classes will be available. PUC-Chile suggests that students prepare several alternatives for each class they intend to take and remain flexible with scheduling requirements.

The vast majority of PUC-Chile classes are in Spanish. Non-native Spanish speakers should complete the language requirement of certification at the CEFR B2 level, accredited by one of the following:

Spanish Language Classes

Español UC offers a variety of courses before and during the academic semester. Interested students can review the course programs, costs, and other relevant information on the PUC-Chile website. 
  • Month-long courses at the B1 and B2 levels before the start of the semester.
  • Semester long courses at the B1, B2 and C1 levels.
  • Taylor-made Spanish courses. 

Academic Areas

Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry Engineering Faculty of Biological Sciences 
Faculty of Chemistry Faculty of Communications
Faculty of Economics and Business Administration 
Faculty of Education Faculty of Law
Faculty of Letters Faculty of Mathematics Faculty of Theology 

Academic Restrictions 

  • Architecture
    • Only 25 non-degree seeking students are admitted to this faculty. There is an internal selection process that requires each candidate to submit a portfolio of their work. 
  • Art
    • Courses are limited to art majors and students pursuing art degrees. Practical courses require a materials fee, ranging from $120.00 to $175.00 USD per course. 
  • Drama
    • Students interested in practical courses must submit a video of themselves performing in a scene or monologue in Spanish for review and consideration. 
  • Economical and Administrative Sciences
    • Course offerings are limited to students that meet the prerequisites for each course.
  • Health Fields
    • Medicine | Offers a Clinical Rotations Program and openings in a select group of courses. There is an internal selection process, and acceptance to the program is not guaranteed. Click here for more details.
    • Dentistry | is off-limits for non-degree seekers.
    • Nursing| is off-limits for non-degree seekers. Nursing welcomes students from specific programs.
    • Health Sciences (Nutrition, Applied Linguistics and Physical Therapy)| though internships in these specific areas are off-limits, students may join theoretical classes, as long as they meet testing requirements and have been specifically authorized. 
  • Marine Biology
    • These courses are off- limits to non-degree seekers.
  • Music
    • Students can join musical theory and appreciation courses, though practical courses are off-limits for non-degree seeking students. 
  • Physical Fitness
    • Students must bring their own equipment, which varies depending on the nature of the course or sport involved. 
  • Psychology
    • Students may take courses offered at the second to fourth-year levels. 

chile 2Credits

Most courses at UC Chile award 10 credits. Bilateral Exchange students should take at least 30 UC credits, and no more than 50 credits, each semester.
  • 10 PUC credits = 4 UM credits
  • 8 PUC credits = 3 UM credits

Grading Scale

PUC-Chile 7-6.75 6.74-6.25 6.24-6 5.99-5.75 5.74-5.25 5.24-5 4.99-4.75 4.74-4.25 4.24-4 3.99-1
UM A+ A A- B+ B B- C+ C C- F


Spring (First Semester): March-July
Fall (Second Semester): August-December
For more specific arrival and departure dates, please reference the university’s academic calendar.


While the Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile does not have any type of student dormitories nor coordinates housing for international students, the international office at PUC-Chile can provide students with information regarding off-campus housing arrangements. Ultimately, it is the student’s responsibility to make the off-campus housing arrangements. There are three basic housing possibilities suggested by the university:
  • Apartment rentals
    • The university has compiled a list of real estate agencies and apartment rental companies in Santiago.
  • Homestay with local family
    • The housing page provides the name and information of the university’s contact for homestay arrangements. Students should contact this liaison directly, using the contact information provided on the website.
  • Student residences
    • Students may opt to live in student residences located throughout Santiago and its suburbs. These residences are also listed on the PUC-Chile housing page.

Student Services

All admitted on-degree students at UC Chile have access to the following:chile 3
  • Student ID card
  • Computer rooms (with Ethernet and WI-FI connectivity)
  • Student health service (depending on the international medical insurance of each student)
  • Fitness rooms and recreational facilities
  • Inclusion and academic support

Student Life

  • UC Social Committee
    • The social activities committee or Comisión de Acogida UC (CAUC), is a group of Chilean and International students, focused on integrating exchange students with the UC community. They organize a series of cultural and recreational activities on and off campus. Visit the CAUC website and social media for more info (Instagram: @comisionacogidauc y Facebook: Comisión de Acogida UC - Cauc). 
  • Peer Mentoring
    • The Mentoring Program for International Students (MAI UC) is meant to connect UC students, or mentors, with exchange students right from the beginning to answer questions and help with any obstacles that might arise before and during their stay at UC-Chile. Send any questions to
  • Tandem
    • The Tandem program offers international students the chance to practice Spanish along with a “language partner” or local UC student, while at the same time building your partner´s second language skills. On average, around 150 pairs participate each semester to share their knowledge of French, English, Italian, and other languages in exchange for a chance to perfect their Spanish. Find more info on the Tandem website
  • Extracurricular Activities
    • The Direction of Student Affairs (DAE) offers many activities to give international students the authentic university life experience at UC. They also offer an array of club sports, cultural activities, and a variety of workshops
  • Volunteer Opportunities
    • Students are invited to participate in a wide variety of volunteer initiatives within the university or in the surrounding communities though organizations like the campus ministry or Pastoral UC and the “bridge” program, better known as Programa Puentes

Health Insurance

Every student must arrive with a complete international health insurance valid for their entire stay in Chile. (Insurance must cover COVID-19, and we highly suggest mental-health, dental and eye coverage). 

chile 4Visa

Contact the Chilean consulate assigned to your location to request a “visa de estudiante consular”. Please use the map on this site to find your consulate and learn about the requirements and steps involved. Expect to receive your visa approximately one month after the application date. 


Serious applicants should plan to submit a complete, well-thought out, and comprehensive application. Students who submit a complete application will be granted an interview. Qualified candidates will be nominated to PUC-Chile, who will require that students complete a separate application. PUC-Chile will make the final admission decision. Late applications will not be considered. Admitted students will receive an acceptance email and admission package directly from PUC-Chile.   


Students participating on the this program will be able to use their financial aid for the duration of the program. Review the PUC-Chile budget sheet to see the billable and non-billable expenses. Your student account will be charged University of Miami semester tuition, and a $150 study abroad fee.

Students participating on this program are strongly encouraged to consider and apply for the following study abroad scholarships: 

Additional Resources 

This program is not currently accepting applications.Applications open on January 5th for Summer and Fall term programs, May 15th for Spring term programs, and November 1st for intersession, spring break and summer faculty-led programs.