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Programs : Brochure

This page is the brochure for your selected program. You can view the provided information for this program on this page and click on the available buttons for additional options.
  • Locations: London, England, United Kingdom;
  • Program Terms: Fall Semester, Spring Semester
  • Host Institution Website:
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    to find in-depth info. (housing, classes, etc.) from the program provider.
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Students who were accepted to participate in study abroad programs canceled during the previous academic year will receive priority placement on 2021-2022 programs.
While we will make every effort to accommodate all students on their first choice, there may be limited space on some programs for first-time applicants.

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Established in 1838 as The Royal Polytechnic Institution, the University of Westminster pioneered the teaching of the emerging arts and technologies of the time including photography, railway, and aviation engineering. Today Westminster remains a leader in research in the development of education in new technologies.

With more than 19,000 students, including almost 1,000 international students, Westminster is one of the largest universities in the United Kingdom. Located just blocks away from the BBC and the bustling Oxford Circus, Westminster is an excellent choice for independent students who want to live and learn in the heart of London. UM students take classes at the Regent campus in the Faculty of Social Sciences, Humanities and Languages. No other campuses are offered through this exchange program.

ATTENTION: Students interested in applying for the University of Westminster must have a serious second choice.  Exchange places for this program are very limited. If you are not selected, you will be considered for your second-choice program instead.

Due to the continued impact of COVID-19, applicants should be aware that changes to academic calendars may occur with little or no notice. Students are encouraged to either wait to book travel or book travel that allows for changes with no financial penalty. 
Applicants should also be aware that processing of visas may be impacted or halted by specific countries. Failure to secure the necessary visa may result in inability to participate in this program. 
Participants on this program may be required to self-quarantine prior to the start of their program for a specified period of time. Students are responsible for arranging (logistics and financial) their travel appropriately to ensure self-quarantine is completed prior to the start of the program.

Academic Areas:
Students may choose classes only at the Regent campus in Liberal Arts & Social Sciences.

Education System:
The academic system in the U.K. is quite different from that of the United States but like the U.S. system, remember that teaching and assessment methods may vary from course to course. Generally, you will find that you have fewer “contact” hours - time spent in class - in your courses at Westminster than you normally do here. You will find that you are left with a significant amount of time during the day and also in the evening when you do not have to attend classes, but no clear indication of how this time must be spent. This does not mean that your course load is lighter; rather, you are expected to spend more time in self-directed study preparing for classes, papers, and examinations. To succeed in your studies, you will have to develop a work routine where this “free time” is used productively.

Grading System and Credit Conversion:
Westminster Mark UM Grade
70-100 A
65-69 A-
60-64 B+
50-59 B
40-49 C
35-39 C-
0-34 F

Credit Equivalency
Each 15 credit course at Westminster = 3.75 UM credits
Each 20 credit course at Westminster = 5 UM credits

Academic Areas:
English Literature
International Studies

Minimum 3.0 GPA. Please note that this is a competitive program due to interest in London.

Room and Board:
Campus facilities are spread throughout London. The commute from student housing to classes can range from 20 to 50 minutes via the Underground. Residence halls are generally single rooms with access to communal kitchens and bathrooms. The university's office of student housing services also maintains updated lists of private housing available for rent for students wishing to rent a room in a private apartment ("flat").

You should apply immediately for housing in the University of Westminster residence halls. University housing is extremely limited and applications for exchange students are taken according to the date received.  If you do not receive an assignment in the residence halls, please refer to the University of Westminster Pre-Arrival Information for Exchange Students for suggestions on arranging your own flat. Rent in London varies depending on size and location and in general is quite hard to arrange and expensive. You should be prepared to pay a security deposit and the first month’s rent in advance. Students choosing to arrange accommodations on their own will be entirely responsible for all the necessary arrangements and costs involved. 

You Are A Guest:
As an exchange student, you will have the opportunity to experience university life in a completely different way. For example, you might find that courses abroad are not equal to three UM credits. The format of assessment might be different, with great emphasis being placed on one big test versus smaller assignments throughout the semester. The amount of time spent in class can vary greatly from country to country as well as the amount of independent learning that is expected. Exchange students are guests of the host university and will not receive any services that the local, degree-seeking students do not receive. The university abroad may not provide the same amenities as the University of Miami and the level of customer service can vary.

Exchange programs open the door for students to have the experience of a university student in a different country. It is important to talk to your study abroad advisor about your level of comfort with the challenges that await you abroad. Your advisor may be able to suggest an exchange program that offers more of the services to which you have become accustomed, or can direct you to a semester on location program. Students who have chosen to embark on an exchange program have reported that by overcoming obstacles encountered abroad, they have gained independence and self-confidence, and were challenged to broaden their perspectives.

Fall: Mid-September to mid-December
Spring: Early January to early June